The Altmark

The Altmark is a region in the north of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The historical cultural landscape stretches from Drawehn in the west to the Elbe in the east, bordering the Magdeburger Börde to the south and the Wendland to the north. The name Altmark appeared for the first time in 1304 - Antiqua Marchia (Old Mark) - and refers to its importance as a westelbian starting point in the establishment of Mark Brandenburg. This also refers to flowery characterizations as "cradle of Brandenburg" or even "cradle of Prussia". As a whole it belonged to the Mark Brandenburg since the foundation of the Mark Brandenburg, and to the Prussian state which emerged from it. Altmark is today divided into the Altmarkkreis Salzwedel and the district Stendal. Only since the administrative district of Stendal, also east of the Elbe area, the territories include, these historically belong to Jerichow and Prignitz, occasionally with the Altmark. Source: Wikipedia